Let's make the planet green again?

An international event that places sustainability at the top of the world in a way like never seen before. 


Why Eco Summit?

Eco Summit was born from the will to change the world to a better place for all its living beings. The passion for nature and all its species, while seeing the planet being destroyed, created the urge to do something about it! Here you will be welcome to join a world of sustainability in all its terms, from what you eat to what you wear! It will be a unique opportunity to show your ideas and businesses to the world. We will gather a wide international community to create awareness and changes in our world and to do it now! There is no time to wait, will you join us?

Do you have a sustainable business?

Do you want to promote your business and show it to the world? You have a green business and you want to make it grow? This is the perfect opportunity to contact with the national and international community to spread your word and products and to gain new clients. If you are interested in being a part of Eco Summit please contact us!

Be the change

In Eco Summit everyone will be welcomed! You will find a new world of green possibilities and products that you can use in your daily life to make a difference! From stands to yoga and kitchen classes, passing by a vegan food court,  listening to international speakers and concerts and much more. A perfect day to change the future! 


4 minutes where you can see our goals, values and all about Eco Summit ideas. Where and why we started  this movement and event towards a better world!



A new concept

Let us show you a unique way to start your path on a sustainable world. On Eco Summit we invite you on a travel through all the phases of your life. Our event will be organised by life phases since pregnancy and show a way to live a sustainable life in any age and anywhere.


New opportunities

In Eco Summit we believe in new opportunities and that everyone deserves a change! Show us your best ideas or projects and we will offer 5 stands to the best start-ups that dedicate their work to sustainability. If you have a new company or you need to start and do not know how please contact us!


The beginning of a new journey

Connect yourself with a greener future and get to know where can you find a best option for you. We will have a special area dedicated to those who want to follow a green career and need help looking for the right places for them. Since schools, to Universities and even to Volunteering companies you can find your place in the world and make a change!


Sustainable Fashion Show

What we wear plays an important role on our planet's health and it is important to be aware of more sustainable clothing and brands. This fashion show is for ethical and sustainable brands who want to show their work to the world! We can change our impact by changing the way we look to our wardrobe!


Eat without guilt

Did we already told you our event is 100% Vegan? That's right! On Eco Summit you will only find vegan delicacies for all ages and all tastes! Visit our food court and get to know this lifestyle flavours better! All our restaurants will also be responsible to be plastic free and to avoid any food waste! Bon appetite!


Vertical Garden

The most relaxing and yet active area of Eco Summit. A vertical natural garden filled with yoga and cooking classes. Learn how to connect with nature and how to cook from all its amazing products.


Share your voice

In our stage there will be national and international voices expert on sustainability. An amazing area to share experiences and knowledge and to create awareness to the nowadays problems. Real talks with real people who can show you how to start having a positive impact in your's and the planet's life.



Because an event is not an event if there is no music and we want to present all our guests with the best of national and international music. Prepare yourself for a different night with a special surprise at the end of the our last day!



All sustainability related companies will be welcomed to our event. The exhibitors will be divided into themes that will take the visitors on a journey through all the phases of their life's. If your aim is to sell to direct clients or to create business opportunities please contact us. There will be space for all businesses. 


Children area

Eco Summit is an event for everybody and of course families are more than welcomed! Because the future belongs to the next generations we created not only a leisure space, but also a space where the small ones can have fun while learning how to protect their home. 


Animal area

Your 4 paws family members will also be accepted in the event. Please make sure you bring a leash with you and all the necessary items for your pet and we will provide a space where they can have some fun. We will provide water and some food, but any other care related item is the visitor responsibility. Animals without leash will not be accepted.


The In Bulk world

Wouldn't it be great if besides attending an event you could do your monthly grocery shopping at the way out? Well, in Eco Summit it is possible! We will have an in bulk area where in bulk shops and local producers will display and sell their products.


More travelling, less impact

We all love to travel and to look at breathtaking landscapes, but those places will only exist if we take good care of them. So, in Eco Summit we will show you how to minimize your impact while you travel, so our future generations can look to the same beauty we do!



Eco Summit will award people or companies who inspire and take moves to make a change in the world. There will be a public contest and several awards will be given at our Eco Summit stage.


Entrance Tickets

Because we believe sustainability should be accessible to everyone, our tickets will have the symbolic value of 1€ so everyone can attend it and get to know more about sustainability.


We as a team

Eco Summit Team will have some very special members! Our event aims to have a positive impact in the world and we believe that, for that, we need to start in our community. And for that reason we will employ some homeless people in our team, who will be paid as team members and also receive free meals while they work on the event.


Our Differences

From all the explanations above you probably understood we are a different event. However, it goes much further than that. Besides sustainability for environment we aim to be good also for people. We will do that by accepting everyone to our event, by making sustainability accessible, by giving opportunity to new businesses so the sustainable market can grow and also by employing people with less opportunities in life, not only during the event, but also during our future projects (read more in our commitments).


Our Commitments

Eco Summit goal is to be more than event, it is to be a movement. We want to create awareness so people can act on their daily life. To become a movement, with the money generated from the tickets, we will create sea and beach cleaning projects where local communities and homeless people will be committed to this activities. We also aim to plant 1 million trees in 2 years, so we can make Portugal green again! 

Next Events

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Summer 2020


11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Lisbon - location to be defined

Event Details

Summer 2020


The first edition of Eco Summit.

11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Lisbon - location to be defined

01/01/2020- 31/02/2020

Alternative Trade Campaign

9 H - 18H

All Portugal

Event Details

01/01/2020- 31/02/2020

Alternative Trade Campaign

The campaign will cover physically the entire Portugal including the major islands. Our motto is ''Change Trade, Change Climate''. If you would like to promote your brand or service please drop us a email. 

9 H - 18H

All Portugal

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